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Skintastic Basic European Facial


Skin is prepared with a micro exfoliate combined with our therapeutic signature facial massage to remove cellular debris and impurities. Followed by fruit enzymes, botanical serums and a custom mask infused with massage to enhance product penetration and promote deeper relaxation.  Skin will look bright, hydrated and nourished.  

75 minutes $105.00


Dermaviduals®  Skin Care Wellness Treatments


 Nothing basic about this treatment, your skin will immediately respond to the highly nutritive  dermavidual products which will begin to repair, improve and enhance skin health from "outside in, inside out".  This facial will brighten, improve skin texture and tone.  Your skin will have a renewed sense of vibrancy and health. 

90 minutes $145.00


Continue to enhance one’s skin care health with a higher amount of active blends and customized mask to restore, repair and rejuvenate compromised and aging skin.  One should begin to observe less inflammation, improvement in skin tone, texture, firmness and softness 

90 minutes $155.00


Designed for those who are on a Dermaviduals® skin care wellness program to greatly improve appearance of skin health and radiance at any age.

90 minutes $165.00        



Our Facial Rejuvenation Combined Treatments are a must for those who wish to slow down the early signs of anatomical changes of the face, that skin care products alone may not address. 

These treatments can diminish expression aging,  lessen puffiness around eyes, face and jowls, soften fine lines,       increase collagen thickness,  improve muscle tone,  tighten, brighten and plump the skin. 

We achieve these results with the use of  integrating our innovative holistic skin care technologies to aid in     detoxification, rebuild, restore and rejuvenate the deeper layers of the skin by stimulating  some of the underlying   biological processes that begin to slow down with time. 


Upon your appointment Karen will discuss with you the appropriate treatment options based on skin condition, age, diet, lifestyle and healthy aging goals.



Basic Facial Rejuvenation Treatment 


This is a great treatment for those just starting to see visible signs of redness, superficial fine lines and jowl puffiness.  This facial includes deep cleansing and the choice of two skin care technologies combined with dermaviduals custom blend skin care products. 


 75-90 minutes $160.00

Intermediate Facial Rejuvenation Treatment  


This multi-faceted treatment is designed for those who see an increase in fine lines, lose of collagen, heaviness under chin and jowl area, subtle changes in face shape, and puffiness around the eyes.  This facial includes deep cleansing and the choice of three skin care technologies combined with dermaviduals custom blend skin care.


 90 minutes $170.00

Advanced Facial Rejuvenation


This Diamond in the Rough progressive treatment was created for those who desire to achieve optimal healthy skin, naturally.  This facial includes deep pore cleansing and the choice of four skin care technologies combined with  dermaviduals® custom blend skin care.


 120 minutes $180.00


At Skintastic we recognize one’s individuality, from skin health, age, lifestyle, diet, to variations of face shapes.   Our creative techniques and distinctive style to treat skin holistically with both art and science makes us unique to the area.​

We use   Dermaviduals® custom blend skin care to repair, rebuild  restore and maintain some of the more challenging and compromised skin conditions. 


All our treatments include consultation, skin analysis, and deep pore cleansing.  Additionally, Karen provides her special healing touch to further enhance your skin care experience.  

Dermaviduals® Products

Skintastic is a certified Dermaviduals® Skincare Clinic.   A certified Dermaviduals® Skin Care specialist  is authorized to provide a complete and thorough dermatologic evaluation  to determine your product needs. Dermaviduals® is a skin care product line that was created in Germany and is unique in it's use of corneotherapy.  Corneotherapy is a scientific approach to skincare that works to recover the stratum corneum.   It is clinically proven to  improve the function of the skin barrier directly affecting the homeostasis of your skin. Dermaviduals® are free of emulsifiers, preservatives, perfume, mineral oils, silicones, dyes, PEGs or occlusive mineral substances. 

Below are some of  the many actives and products from the Dermavidual line.  For more information or to view our complete line of products, please visit the dermaviduals website.

Vitamin A  Nanoparticles_116-Edit.jpg

Increases Collagen Formation

Promotes Regeneration Of Skin

Treatment For Premature Aging Skin


Regulates Hydration Of The Skin

Supports Regeneration Of Skin

Stimulates Cell Formation

Anti-Wrinkle Serum_168-Edit.jpg

Visable Smoothing Effect

Retains Skin Moisture

Softens Facial Lines

Cleansing Milk w_DMS_044 (1).jpg

Removes Dirt Particles and Make Up

Gentle And Effective 

Hydrates And Plumps Skin

Vitamin Cream Mask_088-Edit (1).jpg

Contains Vitamins A,C, E, B5

Contains Essential Fatty Acids

Supports Intensive Recovery

Vitamin B Lipo_157-Edit.jpg

Supports Skin Recovery

Prevention And Care Of Acne 

Highly Nutrative B Complex Formula

Vit. E Nano_132-Edit.jpg

Protects Skin Against Radicals

Supports Cell Formation

Increases Skin Hydration Capacity

Kigelia Lipo Concentrate_182-Edit.jpg

Stabilizes Blood Vessels

Stabilizes Skin Barrier

Tightens Connective Tissue

Total Cleansing Cream _055.jpg

Recommended For All Skin Types

Great For Sensitive & Problem Skin 

Provides A Fresh & Clean Feeling

Vitamin C Lipo Concentrate_144-Edit.jpg

Protects Skin Against Free Radicals

Skin Barrier Regeneration

Activation Of Collagen Synthesis

Q10 Nano_123-Edit.jpg

Great For Mature Skin

Works Synergistically With A & E

Protects Skin From Oxidative Stress

CM-Glucan Complex_147-Edit.jpg

Accelerates Skin Healing

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Great for Sensitive Skin

DMS Peeling Cream_071-Edit.jpg

Deep Cleanses

Removes Tiny Horny Scales

Provides  Skin Nourishment 

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