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Description and Benefits of Skintastic's Holistic Skin Care Technologies


   We custom design our treatments by integrating  various skin care technologies for one's individual skin             conditions and healthy aging goals.






Microdermabrasion is mechanical exfoliation using organic walnut grains to remove cellular debris and build up from the outermost layers of skin. Refines pores, stimulates collagen, tightens and smooths skin to reveal healthier brighter complexion.     



Smooth Sculpt combines an ancient modality known as cupping with modern technology. This one of a kind technology also works with acupressure points of the face to enhance flow of energy (chi) for deeper relaxation and regeneration.  Detoxifies skin, reduces inflammation, puffiness around the eyes and creates slight contour and lift to cheeks and jowl area.  Skin, face and eyes look brighter, lifted and refreshed.


Acoustic Resonance Facial


Acoustic Resonance Facial  is a revolutionary and unique aesthetic technology. The science of acoustic resonance (sound therapy) can have a profound effect at the cellular level. The gentle waves of energy offer powerful healthy aging benefits to the skin and face while simultaneously helps to ease one’s mind and body from tension and stress.  The benefits and results from acoustic vibration technology can reduce inflammation and puffiness, slim and contour the face, deeper product penetration, accelerate lymph drainage, stimulate fascia, facial massage and much more.  Your skin, face and mind will feel enlightened!


Micro Current and LED

Micro Current and LED is a multi-functional device that provide deeper stimulation using various forms of frequencies for muscle stimulation, skin tightening, skin brightening and enhanced delivery of nutrients into the skin.   This treatment is great for some of the more challenging skin conditions and aging concerns. 


Rezenerate Nanotechnology


Rezenerate Nanotechnology is an innovative, non-invasive safe and effective skin care modality that uses nano size technology (1000 x’s smaller than any needle) to exponentially deliver nutrients to the skin, create vibratory facial massage and accelerate cell turnover.  You will see instant plumpness, lessen appearance of fine lines, smooths and brighten skin. 

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