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Jim Stivaly, LMT

Between working, traveling and studying with masters of bodywork for 15 years and studying with the top biochemists around the country and working with labs learning how to utilize functional medicine approaches, diet, nutrition along with nutraceuticals, homeopathy and herbs for his clients, his health started to deteriorate.

At forty nine years old illness set in and he  became extremely fatigued,  lost  some of his vision  and experienced  joint pain. He sought out other practitioners and physicians but no cause was found. He then came in contact with EAV diagnostic techniques which showed Lyme's disease and co-infections. From that point on he studied everything he could find on lyme's disease, herbal, homeopathic and drug compounds that effect Lyme infections and co-infections. He continued his own research studying Dr. Schaller's work whom was helpful and taught James a lot about blood tests for these disease processes. He discovered through his studies that many other infections and environmental toxic compounds, such as heavy metal toxicity, mold infections, parasitic infection, high viral loads all contribute to the tenacity of a chronic bacterial infection.  Currently, being reviewed, observed and written about by top physicians in the field of chronic illness. These elements compound to reduce the ability of the body to fight infection.  Not until he met Dr. Klinghardt  who used  ART  (Autonomic Response Testing)  was the proper diagnosis made of Lyme's disease and co-infections along with heavy metal toxicity and all the other components that contribute to Lyme's symptoms. The picture was now complete and 6 years later, thanks to Dr. Marc Scwarz, Dr. Klinghardt's protege', proper ART protocols were utilized and his health has returned. ART saved his vision and his practice.

James has been steadily studying and using ART techniques along with his manual skills to treat difficult to solve cases so common today. He continues his studies with the most influential physicians working in the functional medicine field of treatment for hard to treat chronic cases and incorporates all that he has learned to help others .

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                                    DETOX PROGRAM

  • Safe and gentle detoxification program that works.

  • The only safe and effective detox program that can be used for long term health benefits.

  • Perfect for any healthy, weight loss or workout program

  • Healthy detoxification is the only way to prevent disease, aid in tissue recovery and slow down the aging process. 

  • Supports the organs of detoxification while providing essential nutrients not provided in the diet.

  • Affordable and easy to follow.

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                HYDREX= Peek Performace

  • A synergy of electrolytes, minerals, B-Vitamins and amino acids in great tasting low-glycemic formula

  • Provides support for rehydration, endurance and exercise recovery

  • Allergen Free, Non-GMO

  • Gluten and dairy free

  • Mobile package design


  • A mineral restorative formula for health and longevity

  • Provides important minerals for bone and teeth health

  • Supports cardiovascular and neurological health  

  • Can be used alone or with our detoxification program

  • 60 day supply (120 capsules per bottle, serving size 2 caps per day)

  • 2 capsules should be taken for the four days when you are not taking Zeotox. Best taken with food  ​ 



     Organic Tumeric (100%) rhizome          

                 Curcuma longa)

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-oxidant

  • Highly concentrated naturally occurring curcuminoids

  • Supports Gastrointestinal and Liver health

  • Pure Vegan

Shroom mushroom.png

                           SHROOM IMMUNE

  • A proprietary 5-mushroom blend

  • ShroomImmune-Supports healthy immune function and exercise recovery

  • Contains a blend of five mushrooms including GanoUltra a proprietary blend of four oraanic strains of Reishi

  • High in protein, amino acids, B-Vitamins C & K

  •   Antibacterial, antiviral properties

  • Acts as a prebiotic supporting the growth of healthy intestinal flora

  • Grown in a facility to prevent environmental contamination  

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