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What Is Corneotherapy?

A skin care modality which eliminates any ingredients in skin care products that are toxic, create inflammation and are harmful to the skin lipid barrier. The primary goal is to repair and restore the skin barrier defense that has been compromised over time due to inferior product ingredients, certain aesthetic modalities, nutritional deficiencies, diet, lifestyle, environment and age. The healthy maintenance of our skin defense system will greatly lessen the undesirable effects caused by these assaults and imbalances to the skin.

Authentic corneotherapy skin care products only use bio-identical ingredients that are familiar with the skin cell membrane and biochemistry then customized with highly nutritive ingredients encapsulated in a liposomal, nano, and mono delivery system. The healthy performance of skin cells rely on some of the most basic and fundamental skin care nutritional therapies both internally and externally. This holistic approach encourages healthy bio-chemical processes of skin cells to repair, restore and regenerate the skin lipid barrier. Like the rest of the body, with proper nourishment, beneficial and healthy ingredients, the skin cells have an innate intelligence to orchestrate and perform a symphony of complex cellular communications to achieve balance and harmony.

Dermaviduals is the only skin care line that follows the strict guidelines and principles required by the International Association of Corneotherapy. With thousands of skin care products on the market today, consumers can feel confident that Dermaviduals is more effective, safe and results oriented and can be customized in accordance to one’s skin health. Great for all ages, skin types, skin color, compromised and aging skin. Learn how you can achieve more healthy radiant skin, naturally.

If you would like more information about Dermaviduals and Corneotherapy please visit and

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